Folding Sliding Doors

Product Details, Residential Development | July 25, 2015

The days of the patio doors and French doors may be drawing to a close. Today more people want to “bring the outside in”.

To enjoy the beauty of their garden on a cooler day from the warmth and comfort of their open plan kitchen or allow guests, champagne in hand, to spill out onto the deck at a warm summer’s evening house party. Welcome folding sliding doors!

Folding doors can span much greater distances than French or patio doors and open much wider so that the division between house and garden simply disappears. The number of manufacturers and suppliers has increased dramatically in the last few years and prices and quality vary considerably.

Whatever your budget the following are worth considering:

  • flush or weathered track – flush tracks provide a level, uninterrupted walk through
  • locking system – ideally this should be quick, smooth and easy to use
  • effortless operating system -the doors should be easy to open and close, even for children, despite the weight of the planes
  • energy efficient – all that glass can make a room too hot or too cold, systems should be suitable for their location and application
  • finishes – wood, aluminium, a combination of both?
  • optional extras – some systems can include integrated venetian blinds or even vanishing screens or shades
  • outward or inward opening – an obvious point which can be missed but consider how you will use the space.

Whenever you connect to the beautiful world outside your door, you live better every day and by bringing light and air and views indoors you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Are you considering alterations to your property incorporating folding sliding doors. If so AUD Architects can assist providing design advice to ensure your scheme achieves its full potential.