Conservation Areas

A Conservation Area is an area that is considered to be of ‘special architectural or historic interest’ and where it is important to preserve or enhance this special character. If you live in a conservation area any proposed work to your property may require Conservation Area Consent. With extensive experience of working in Conservation Areas we can guide you through the planning process and liaise with the local authority where necessary.

Listed Buildings

A ‘listed building’ is a building, object or structure that has been judged to be of national importance in terms of architectural or historic interest. Permission, known as Listed Building Consent, must be obtained from the Local Planning Authority for any proposed alteration that would affect a listed building’s special interest.

Should Listed Building Consent be required we can liaise with the Local Authority’s Conservation Officers and complete the necessary documentation to submit an Application for on your behalf.

Green Belt

A Green Belt is an area of land protected by planning policy to control urban growth and provide continued access to countryside. Although development within a Green Belt is restricted, we can advise on what can be built within such areas.

Party Wall Agreements

If you propose to carry out work which involves an existing wall or structure shared with another property; building a wall up to or astride a boundary with a neighbouring property or excavating near a neighbouring building it may be subject to the 1996 Party Wall Act. In such cases, you may be required to notify your adjoining home owners. We can provide the necessary advice detailing what course of action is required.