To extend or to extend further, that is the question!

Planning Issues, Residential Development | March 30, 2013

The Coalition Government has been very active in the last year in introducing a set of measures to extend permitted development rights for a temporary 3 year period. With the aim of stimulating economic growth, making it easier to carry out development or change the use of buildings without planning permission, it will provide many people with the opportunity to extend their homes and businesses without going through the cost and stress of the planning application process.

For many developers, landowners and farmers it may provide them with in a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop their land or property, particularly where development has previously been opposed by planning authorities. However, the changes are proving unpopular with some politicians and a vote for an amendment allowing local councils to opt out of the relaxed planning rules is due to come before parliament shortly.

For residential owners the Regulations are expected to increase the depth of rear single storey extensions from 4 metres to 8 metres on detached properties and from 3 metres to 6 metres for other houses, without the need to apply for planning permission. However, this will not apply in conservation areas and other protected areas and the height restrictions and 50% curtilage limit will continue to apply. This will provide some householders with an excellent opportunity to extend.

If you would like to discuss how AUD Architects can help you utilise permitted development rights to extend your property, convert buildings, or how you can prepare for the forthcoming changes, please give us a call.